This course is designed to focus on the importance of academic debate and develop students’ abilities and skills in academic communication, argumentation, debate. The topics of this course train the students to use sources for academic communication, to produce knowledge, to raise academic questions and to answer the questions scientifically.  Thereby, student can produce a report and present it by presentation and poster. It also trains them to think critically, to respect others’ points of view, direct academic arguments, and time management. In addition, students are also directed to analyse the scientific texts logically and critically, i.e. they are guided to conduct a critical analysis of what they read and are provided with opportunities to practice and develop their skills by writing their reflections on the material studied and on their own learning. Moreover, they are assisted to Identifying problems academically and offer appropriate and scientific suggestions for solving such problems. Also, a number of lectures are devoted to teaching Health and Safety subject to train students about health awareness in order to use laboratories, and protecting against diseases in cafeterias, libraries and lecture halls.