Practical Physics is a first year-first semester laboratory for the academic year 2021/2022. This course or module contain 10 experiments on Mechanics.

This course is designed for first semester- first year- students of the department of General Science, College of basic Education. It deals and presents classical mechanics in classical physics. In another word it deals with physics before the year 1897.
Course objective: Classical mechanics
To Study the concepts of Vector.
To Study the basic & concepts of Forces.
To Study the concepts of Motion and the Laws of Motion.
To Study the concepts of Energy, Work & Power, …
To Study the Rotation of a Rigid Objects, …
To Study the concepts of Universal Gravitation.
To Study the Motion in a Circle.
To Study the concepts of Momentum and Collisions,
To study the basics of Elasticity and its importance.
To study the concepts of bending of beams and its applications.
To study the Fluid, Viscosity and Surface tension.
To study the Oscillations, Mechanical Waves & Sound.